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Honed Polished Concrete

Honed Concrete or two cut and seal as it's known in the industry is a non-slip finish very similar to polished concrete. The finish is ideal for external areas such as your alfresco, pathways, pool areas, portico and driveways. Honed Concrete can be sealed in either a satin or gloss finish to meet your aesthetic requirements.

The process involves an aggressive first cut which exposes the stone, followed by a smoother diamond grind and then the final sealing stage. This leaves a very similar finish to a polished floor with the same hard wearing surface, simply without the sheen. Honed Concrete is easy to maintain and provides good longevity, making it very cost effective against other finishes.

For new concrete Direct Concrete Solutions can assist you in choosing the right concrete mix. You may also be interested in adding extra effects to the floor, such as seeding glass, crystals or even persoanl items. We can even add glow stones that will make your Honed Concrete floor glow at night!
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Customer Review:
Thank you for doing such a great job Dave and Karl! I know having the old and new slab was going to be an issue but I think it gives the house character and ties the old house in well.

Nellie, Rossmoyne.

Customer Review:
I just wanted to give you some feedback on the recent job you completed in my patio. Not only is the final product simply stunning, it was your willingness to communicate throughout the process which I believe sets you apart from the other company's I contacted. Your detailed explanation of the process as well the end result gave me great confidence in that I knew what I was getting along the way. It was a pleasure dealing with you and will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone I know who is interested in any concrete product in the future. Well done.

Rose, North beach.

Customer Review:
Just love my polished concrete floor, Dave and Karl came in on time and on budget, the floor was a challenge as it was 1970’s and in very bad condition, even the plumber had cut a big channel through the slab for the waste. The boys filled the channel and took five bags of dust away when they had finished. Excellent job!! Thank You!

Dianne, Dianella.

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